Does Cranberry Juice Make You Poop?

If you’ve got had a urinary tract an infection (UTI) earlier than, you’ve got most likely turned to house treatments—alongside antibiotics—to assist forestall UTIs from ever returning. A kind of treatments was possible cranberry juice.

Seems, the tart, crimson drink helps cut back unhealthy micro organism in your urinary tract. However there are a variety of different well being advantages of cranberries, too. Specifically: They’ve phytochemicals, that are antioxidants (particularly, anthocyanins and pelargonidin) proven to have an anti-cancer impact, and so they may cut back your threat of issues like coronary heart illness, per a November 2020 evaluation within the Journal of the Science of Meals and Agriculture.

However does cranberry juice have a constructive impact in your intestine? Extra particularly, can cranberry juice allow you to poop?

We spoke with two registered dietitians and a gastroenterologist about cranberry juice’s impact on digestion, and obtained to the underside of whether or not the tiny, tart fruit can act as a pure laxative.

Does cranberry juice make you poop?

In brief—sure, it may. Whereas cranberry juice is not the best pure laxative, there are a number of causes it could assist transfer issues alongside. The primary being hydration.

Should you’re not a fan of plain water, cranberry juice might help you attain your hydration targets for the day. As a result of ample hydration is vital to having wholesome and common bowel actions, consuming cranberry juice to extend your fluid consumption may allow you to poop, says Amanda Sauceda, RD, a intestine health-focused dietitian.

“Cranberry juice can be a supply of a pure sugar referred to as fructose, which might have a light laxative impact,” says Sarah Robbins, MD, gastroenterologist and founding father of Nicely Sunday Well being Company. A typical serving (8 ounces) will gently assist your stool transfer by your GI tract.

However take into accout, if you’re notably delicate to fructose (like many individuals with IBS) or drink it in giant portions, it could have the alternative impact, inflicting diarrhea. Backside line? Serving measurement is necessary.

Moreover, cranberry juice has a compound referred to as salicylate, says Katie Breazeale, RD, a dietitian specializing in intestine well being on the Princeton Longevity Heart. “Salicylate is understood for rising the wholesome micro organism within the bowel, thus enhancing digestion,” she explains.

Past these wholesome properties, merely consuming sufficient fluids—which might embody 8 ounces of cranberry juice with water, natural tea, and different hydrating drinks—and getting sufficient energy every day might help your giant gut contract, transferring poop out of your system, Breazeale provides.

A tip: Whereas cranberry juice has constipation-busting properties, it truly has considerably much less fiber than entire cranberries, says Dr. Robbins. This implies, consuming cranberry juice is probably not as efficient at treating constipation as consuming entire cranberries and/or different high-fiber meals.

“Cranberry juice is a supply of pure sugar referred to as fructose, which might have a light laxative impact.”—Sarah Robbins, MD, gastroenterologist

Can cranberry juice flip your poop crimson or black?

Technically, cranberry juice could cause your poop to look dark-reddish from its deep crimson pigment, says Dr. Robbins. However she mentions this is not widespread, and sure would not occur until you’ve got had heaps of cranberry juice.

That stated, in case your poop coloration adjustments after consuming cranberry juice, it ought to return to regular inside 24 to 48 hours of consuming it, she provides.

In case your stool seems black, nevertheless, this isn’t from cranberry juice. “Black stools can point out bleeding within the higher gastrointestinal tract, akin to from the abdomen or higher small gut,” says Dr. Robbins.

This situation—often known as melena—just isn’t usually from cranberry or different fruit juices, per the Cleveland Clinic. It might be attributable to sure dietary supplements, akin to iron dietary supplements or medicines with bismuth like Pepto-Bismol, she provides. You probably have black stool (that may be defined by medicine or not), it is best to see your physician to research the trigger.

How a lot cranberry juice are you able to drink per day?

The really helpful day by day serving of cranberry juice is 8 ounces, says Breazeale. She suggests sticking near this advice, as consuming an excessive amount of may result in issues like diarrhea, blood sugar spikes, and abdomen cramps.

When selecting cranberry juice, Dr. Robbins recommends selecting pure, unsweetened cranberry juice quite than cranberry juice cocktails or different drinks with added sugars.

There are additionally potential downsides to consuming an excessive amount of cranberry juice, says Dr. Robbins, together with the next:

  • Even the pure sugars in one hundred pc cranberry juice can add up and contribute to kind 2 diabetes dangers/issues and dental points.
  • Cranberry juice has oxalates, which might contribute to the formation of kidney stones in individuals prone to them, per the Medical School of Wisconsin.

Cranberry juice may work together with sure medicines, together with blood thinners like warfarin. That is why it is necessary to speak to your physician earlier than making an attempt cranberry juice to alleviate constipation, or consuming it regularly, says Dr. Robbins.

Different methods to deal with constipation

Whereas cranberry juice may assist transfer your bowels alongside, there are different pure treatments for constipation that will work even higher, say Sauceda and Dr. Robbins. A few of these embody:

Enhance your fiber consumption

“Fiber is your finest wager for enhancing constipation as a result of it helps bulk up and soften your poop, making it simpler to cross,” says Sauceda. She recommends including fiber to your weight loss program slowly and regularly to permit your intestine to get used to it and cut back the chance of unwanted side effects like gasoline and bloating.

Dr. Robbins additionally recommends incorporating each soluble and insoluble fiber into your weight loss program, as meals with both might help you poop. Some meals excessive in soluble fiber embody the next, per Mount Sinai:

  • Oats
  • Apples
  • Flaxseeds
  • Barley
  • Lentils
  • Beans
  • Peas

Meals excessive in insoluble fiber embody the next, per Mount Sinai:

  • Wheat bran
  • Greens like peppers, carrots, and leafy greens
  • Entire grains like wheat bread, cereals, and so on.

Should you’re having a tough time getting sufficient fiber by your weight loss program alone, Dr. Robbins suggests fiber dietary supplements like psyllium husk, methylcellulose, or wheat dextrin. At all times ask your physician earlier than making an attempt them although, to see in the event that they’re best for you.

Keep hydrated

Ingesting sufficient water helps preserve issues transferring by your intestine, which might relieve constipation, says Sauceda. Purpose to get wherever from 11.5 to fifteen.5 cups of water per day, by consuming and consuming hydrating meals, per the Mayo Clinic.

Getting sufficient fluid is particularly necessary as you are rising your fiber consumption, to assist preserve issues transferring, per Johns Hopkins Medication.

Attempt an stomach therapeutic massage

Belly therapeutic massage might help stimulate your colon and get stool transferring, per Sauceda. She recommends beginning by making use of mild strain to the decrease left aspect of your stomach along with your fingers, and transferring your hand throughout to the fitting aspect.

One other methodology you’ll be able to strive consists of the next steps, per Michigan Medication:

  • Lie down in your again along with your knees bent.
  • Calmly press down on the decrease proper aspect of your stomach close to your pelvic bone.
  • Rub upward in a round movement till you attain your ribs.
  • Transfer throughout to the left aspect of your stomach.
  • Therapeutic massage your approach down towards the decrease left stomach.
  • Repeat this clockwise round therapeutic massage for about 10 minutes.

Tweak the way in which you sit on the bathroom

Seems, your pooping place could make an enormous distinction in serving to you will have a bowel motion. Attempt elevating your knees above your hips, which might permit your physique to calm down whereas sitting on the bathroom, says Sauceda. This place may be achieved by inserting a small stool underneath your toes, to alleviate any straining that comes with constipation, she provides.

You too can strive rocking backwards and forwards whilst you poop to assist stimulate a bowel motion, per Yale Medication.

Get some train

Getting day by day motion might help transfer your bowels alongside. Attempt to goal for no less than half-hour of reasonable train most days of the week, per Dr. Robbins. This could embody strolling round your neighborhood, Pilates, yoga or stretching, or every other exercise you get pleasure from.

Whereas extra research are wanted on why precisely train helps, present analysis helps train as a superb pure therapy choice for constipation, per a February 2019 meta-analysis within the Scandinavian Journal of Gastroenterology.

Set up a rest room routine

You might have a set bedtime routine or morning routine, however having a rest room routine might help regulate your GI system, too.

“Attempt to go to the toilet on the similar time every day, ideally after meals, to reap the benefits of the physique’s pure rhythms,” says Dr. Robbins. She says it’s necessary to not ignore the urge to “go,” as delaying bowel actions can result in more durable stools and worsen constipation.

Take a better take a look at your meds

Sure medicines could cause or worsen constipation, says Dr. Robbins. “Should you suspect a medicine is contributing to your constipation, speak to your physician,” she recommends. If wanted, they are able to modify your dosage or recommend another medicine.

Take into account over-the-counter (OTC) laxatives

If any of the above way of life adjustments don’t assist, Dr. Robbins recommends making an attempt OTC laxatives. This might embody a complement like Metamucil or Benefiber, or a stimulant laxative like Miralax. In fact, examine along with your physician earlier than taking laxatives, to see if it is best for you.

When to see a physician about constipation or intestine points

Whereas occasional constipation is widespread and normally manageable with weight loss program and way of life changes, sure conditions warrant medical consideration, says Dr. Robbins. Some indicators you must go to the physician about constipation embody the next:

  • If constipation lasts three weeks or extra or is extreme and never relieved by over-the-counter remedies and way of life adjustments
  • Should you discover shiny crimson blood in your poop or on the bathroom paper after a bowel motion. This could point out hemorrhoids or extra critical circumstances like inflammatory bowel illness (IBD) or intestinal bleeding
  • Should you’ve misplaced weight with out making an attempt
  • You probably have vital stomach ache or discomfort
  • You probably have sudden adjustments in bowel habits
  • You probably have a household historical past of intestine illnesses, like colorectal most cancers or IBD
  • You probably have anemia or different dietary deficiencies
  • You probably have signs of bowel obstruction, like vomiting, extreme stomach ache, and incapability to cross gasoline or stools—that is thought of a medical emergency and may immediate a go to to the ER

You probably have any of the above signs, it is necessary to succeed in out to your physician to rule out critical causes.

The underside line

Cranberry juice is usually used as a UTI prevention methodology or at-home UTI treatment. It additionally has a number of different well being advantages attributable to its antioxidant content material. Cranberry juice might actually have a gentle laxative impact from its pure sugars and contribution to your total fluid consumption.

That stated, there are different fruits which might be higher pure laxatives, like prunes or prune juice, for instance. So if you happen to’re coping with constipation discomfort and wish fast aid, possibly skip the cranberries and take a look at different strategies like strolling, stomach therapeutic massage, and water.


Does cranberry juice make you will have diarrhea?

For some individuals, cranberry juice could cause diarrhea. This may be from sugar alcohol in some kinds of juice, which might result in an upset abdomen and free stool. Even pure sugar like fructose can set off diarrhea in some individuals, together with these with IBS.

To forestall this, it is best to stay with a serving measurement of cranberry juice—8 ounces—and speak to your physician in case your diarrhea continues or comes with different regarding signs like vomiting or fainting.

When do you have to not drink cranberry juice?

Individuals prone to kidney stones ought to restrict or keep away from cranberry juice as a result of it has oxalates—an ingredient naturally present in sure meals that bind to calcium in your kidneys, resulting in the formation of kidney stones. Different meals excessive in oxalates embody leafy greens, potatoes, soy, and almonds, per Colorado State College.

And if you happen to take sure medicines, like anti-coagulants (blood thinners), you shouldn’t drink cranberry juice until given the “okay” out of your physician.

Nicely+Good articles reference scientific, dependable, current, strong research to again up the data we share. You may belief us alongside your wellness journey.

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Does Cranberry Juice Make You Poop?

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