This is Why Higher Lip Wrinkles Occur And How To Deal with Them

Repeat after us: wrinkles are regular. Irrespective of how arduous you decide to your skincare routine, you will finally spot under-eye wrinkles, just a few knowledge folds in your neck, and the star of this text: higher lip wrinkles, additionally known as lip strains, however dermatologists and medical specialists check with them as perioral wrinkles. Although they’re an inescapable a part of growing old, there are different causes of lip wrinkles that, when you pinpoint and take away them out of your routine, will help delay their early arrival or maintain them from deepening additional. 

Forward, we additionally chatted with board-certified dermatologists Terrence Keaney, Naana Boakye, and Tiina Meder to delve into the causes of higher lip wrinkles, discover accessible therapy choices, and weigh in on methods for prevention.

What causes higher lip wrinkles?

Good ol’ growing old is among the most notable causes of higher lip wrinkles. Over time, your pores and skin regularly produces much less collagen and elastin, two proteins that give your pores and skin construction and elasticity, Dr. Meder explains. In consequence, your pores and skin turns into thinner and loses its firmness, paving the way in which for numerous strains and wrinkles to crop up in your face, together with—however definitely not restricted to—higher lip wrinkles.

Whereas the reason for higher lip wrinkles is similar for all wrinkles, Dr. Keaney says the lip space is exclusive as a result of it is arguably probably the most lively pores and skin floor. Give it some thought: Whether or not you are speaking, sipping, consuming, or laughing, the pores and skin round your mouth is nearly at all times on the transfer. (That is additionally why skincare fans on Reddit and specialists like Dr. Meder warning towards utilizing straws typically for those who’re decided to attenuate higher lip wrinkles.) The mix of lip motion and growing old is the proper cocktail for forming lip strains.

In accordance with Dr. Keaney, power solar publicity is one other reason for higher lip wrinkles that’s typically missed. It accelerates your pores and skin’s collagen and elastin degradation, so it’s essential to take just a few seconds to use your favourite face sunscreen or a lip balm with SPF. The solar’s affect on our pores and skin may be as profound as the results of smoking. All three dermatologists consulted for this piece famous that, other than growing old, preventable solar publicity and smoking rank among the many high causes of higher lip wrinkles. 

What age do you get higher lip wrinkles?

The age at which lip strains sometimes develop can range. Whereas they’re certain to seem over time, your life-style decisions may affect whether or not they emerge sooner than anticipated. In accordance with Dr. Keaney, ladies typically discover lip strains sooner than males do, particularly these with truthful pores and skin, a historical past of smoking, or extreme solar publicity. “In my apply, the timing of higher lip strains ranges from ages 35 to 55,” he says. 

Nevertheless, the timing of when lip strains sometimes develop varies. Dr. Boakye mentioned that higher lip wrinkles might seem as early because the late 20s. Then again, Dr. Meder says they sometimes seem post-menopause, across the mid-60s or early 70s. Regardless of their totally different takes, all specialists agree that solar publicity, smoking, and repetitive facial actions can velocity up the onset of higher lip wrinkles.

What are the perfect remedies for higher lip wrinkles?

Let’s be clear: there isn’t any “treatment” for wrinkles (watch out for anybody claiming in any other case; they’re mendacity). Nevertheless, there are remedies to melt their look, stop them from worsening, or delay their arrival. For finest leads to treating higher lip wrinkles, Dr. Keaney suggests mixture remedy, which sounds fancy however simply means taking a couple of strategy to treating them. Under, we have outlined a few of the finest remedies for higher lip wrinkles, as beneficial by the specialists:

Topical remedies

The best and most inexpensive therapy for lip wrinkles? Good ol’ skincare merchandise. Whereas “topical retinoids assist to cut back the depth of wrinkles and enhance their look,” Dr. Meder warns that they could trigger irritation or dryness and probably improve your danger of hyperpigmentation. 

As an alternative, Dr. Meder recommends utilizing a serum or moisturizer containing skin-strengthening peptides and hydrating hyaluronic acid, complemented by occasional LED gentle remedy and a microcurrent facial system. “This protected technique can result in a visual and pure enchancment of the pores and skin’s look, even when it doesn’t eradicate wrinkles,” she explains. To find out whether or not retinoids or a gentler routine (like Meder’s) is finest for you, ring your dermatologist, who understands your pores and skin, for a customized routine.


We’re keen to wager you’ve got heard of Botox. Also called botulinum toxin, it is “an injectable neurotoxic protein utilized in beauty procedures to loosen up muscle groups by blocking nerve indicators,” Dr. Boakye explains. “This short-term muscle rest leads to a smoothing impact on the pores and skin, minimizing the looks of wrinkles and high quality strains.” 

To deal with higher lip wrinkles, an skilled will inject the toxin within the muscle groups across the mouth to “diminish ‘lipstick strains’ or ‘smoker’s strains’ that seem from puckering the lips,” says Dr. Boakye. Whereas outcomes range from individual to individual, she notes that the results on the higher lip sometimes final round three to 6 months.

Dermal Fillers

Whereas Botox works by enjoyable muscle groups, dermal fillers add quantity. Dr. Keaney suggests contemplating Juvéderm Volbella XC, an FDA-approved injectable gel for filling current higher lip wrinkles which will last as long as a 12 months. In fact, if there are different filler manufacturers or sorts you might be inquisitive about, your finest wager is to debate them along with your dermatologist, who can information you in the suitable course. 

Laser Pores and skin Resurfacing

Dr. Keaney suggests laser pores and skin resurfacing as a preventative therapy towards higher lip wrinkles. “The yearly use of laser pores and skin resurfacing earlier than lip wrinkles develop is efficient at slowing the event of these cussed lip strains,” he says. Relying on the severity of your higher lip wrinkles, your dermatologist might recommend fractional non-ablative laser therapy for delicate to reasonable wrinkles or absolutely ablative laser remedy for extra extreme instances.

Chemical Peels

“Chemical peels are beauty remedies that contain making use of a chemical resolution to the pores and skin to encourage pores and skin rejuvenation via exfoliation and peeling,” says Dr. Boakye. “When used on the higher lip, chemical peels can stimulate collagen manufacturing and help in lowering wrinkles and high quality strains, leading to a smoother texture.”


“Microneedling is a beauty process that makes use of a tool outfitted with high quality needles to create tiny punctures within the pores and skin,” says Dr. Boakye. “This course of stimulates the physique’s pure therapeutic response and promotes collagen and elastin manufacturing, which assist with pores and skin elasticity. For higher lip wrinkles, microneedling can enhance the pores and skin’s texture across the lips. Microneedling can even enable merchandise to be absorbed sooner into the pores and skin. Microneedling is usually carried out immediately on the pores and skin across the lips. Outcomes might range relying on the age and depth of the lip wrinkles.”


“Dermabrasion removes the dermis to enhance the pores and skin’s texture and look by addressing points reminiscent of wrinkles, scars, and uneven pigmentation,” says Dr. Boakye.

Tips on how to stop higher lip wrinkes?

Excellent news: stopping lip wrinkles is simple for those who observe easy steps. To not sound like a damaged file, however the greatest ones are prioritizing solar safety with an SPF of at the least 30, avoiding smoking altogether, and maintaining your skincare routine. Dr. Meder additionally recommends a “balanced weight-reduction plan, common train, and adequate sleep,” however we’re assured you are already nailing that, or on the very least, it is a work in progress. 

Remaining Takeaway

Discovering higher lip wrinkles (or any wrinkles for that matter) is a pure, inevitable a part of life (we do not make the foundations). Nevertheless, it is also completely okay if you wish to soften the looks of your lip strains or attempt to delay them from forming. A stable, easy skincare routine starring SPF is the perfect trick to have in your toolkit. Nevertheless, for those who aren’t glad with the outcomes of a skincare-only strategy, speak to a board-certified dermatologist who can speak you thru extra superior choices like lasers or fillers.

This is Why Higher Lip Wrinkles Occur And How To Deal with Them

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